Pointe Shoes & Accessories

Pointe Shoes & Accessories

We offer a range of high quality pointe shoes and accessories. Perfect for dance classes and exams.

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Pointe Shoe FAQ


What is a pointe shoe?


A pointe shoe is a type of ballet shoe designed to enable a dancer to dance “en pointe” (French for “on the tips of the toes”).


What is a demi-pointe shoe?


Demi-pointe shoes, also known as “soft blocks” are designed to train dancers in pointe technique and to help them progress from wearing regular ballet shoes to pointe shoes.


What is the best age to go on pointe?


Most dancers need at least 2-4 years of training before going on pointe and ideally should be at least 12 years of age or older. However, pointe readiness is also very individual, and depends on the dancers physical development and technical ability.


Do I need to attend a pointe shoe fitting?


Yes, we recommend getting your first pair of pointe shoes fitted by a trained professional. Wearing pointe shoes that are too big or too small can lead to injury.


How long do pointe shoes last?


Unfortunately, pointe shoes don’t last forever. If you find yourself falling over more or feel that the shoes are lacking support, then it’s time for a new pair.