Latin & Ballroom Shoes

Ladies Latin & Ballroom Shoes

We offer a wide range of beautifully crafted Latin and ballroom shoes from Roch Valley. Choose from a variety of styles, heel heights and materials – we have something to suit everyone! All our ballroom shoes feature a quick fastening buckle system, soft cushioned insoles and super flexible suede soles designed to let you dance in comfort and allow your ability to shine on the dance floor.

Looking for girls ballroom shoes? Then take a look at the Stacey Low Heel Shoes, which feature a hologram brocade upper with T-bar strap. Perfect for beginners.

Have an upcoming competition and want to look and feel your best on the dance floor? Then check out the Lucina Ladies Latin Dance Shoes with coag and hologram upper, T-bar strap and 2.5” slim flare heel. Elegant and classy.

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Ballroom Shoes FAQ


How are ballroom shoes different from regular shoes?


Ballroom shoes have suede soles designed to let you slide little on a (usually) wooden floor and twist without sticking to the surface.  They are very lightweight and flexible compared to normal shoes.


Do you stock ballroom shoes for men?


Yes, you can find our selection of men’s ballroom shoes here.


What’s the difference between Spanish, Cuban, flare and slim flare heels?


CUBAN HEEL: Typically between 1.25-1.5” in height and blocky in appearance with a slight taper. A good option for dancers looking for a more supportive heel.


SPANISH HEEL: Similar to a Cuban heel, but typically higher at around 2”. They feature a slimmer tapered design.


FLARED HEEL: A classic heel design. Taller and slimmer than a Cuban or Spanish heel, usually around 2-3” in height. As the name suggests, they are slimmer in the middle and flare out slightly at the base.


SLIM FLARED HEEL: Often used by top ballroom dancers. Even slimmer than a flared heel and requires the dancer to be technically proficient and comfortable with balancing on the smaller surface area.