Jazz Shoes

Jazz Shoes

Check out our range of high quality leather and synthetic jazz shoes from brands such as Bloch, Capezio and Dance Gear. We offer both full sole and split sole jazz shoes, in black tan or white. 

Dance Gear jazz shoes offer excellent performance at a reasonable price. Take a look at the JSR Leather Full Sole Jazz Shoes with full rubber sole and laces. Perfect for beginners.

Bloch jazz shoes offer high quality, comfort and durability for all levels. If you’re looking for slip on jazz shoes then check out the S0461 Pure Split Sole Jazz Shoe which feature a leather upper, rubber sole and slip on design.

Capezio jazz shoes are another well know and popular brand. Take a look at the 458 Split Sole Jazz Shoe with a combination of leather and mesh for ultimate flexibility. Great for regular dance classes and rehearsals.

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Jazz Shoes FAQ


What styles of dance can I use jazz shoes for?


Jazz shoes can be used for a wide variety dance styles, including jazz, modern, contemporary, freestyle, and as practice shoes for latin and ballroom dancing.   


What is the difference between full sole and split sole?



Has a sole that reaches from the toe right down to the heel without a break

Offers extra support required by beginners especially

Encourages the foot to work harder due to resistance from the sole

Over time, this will develop and strengthen the muscles in the arch of the foot enough to allow the dancer to progress to split sole jazz shoes



Has a two part sole with a break in between the ball of the foot and the heel

Provides more flexibility and allows the foot to arch without resistance

Gives a much nicer line which can help result in a more polished performance


What are slip-on jazz shoes?


With no laces visible, slip-on jazz shoes offer a more streamlined look. They are also suitable for young dancers who are unable to ties laces, or any dancer looking for shoes to change into quickly.