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Ladies & Girls Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes are perhaps the most important part of any ballerinas wardrobe, that’s why here at Dance Gear we stock only the highest quality shoes from the best brands. Our range consists of both full sole and split sole shoes from Capezio, Bloch and Dance Gear. Choose from satin, leather or canvas ballet shoes in a variety of different colours and styles – all at affordable prices!

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Ballet Shoes FAQ

New to dance but confused by the terminology? Don’t know your full sole from your split sole? Worry no more! Here we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions we get about our ballet shoes.


Is there a left and right foot?


No, once worn the shoes will take on the shape of the foot.


What is the difference between full sole and split sole?



Has a suede sole that reaches from the toe right down to the heel without a break

Offers extra support required by beginners especially

Encourages the foot to work harder due to resistance from the sole

Over time, this will develop and strengthen the muscles in the arch of the foot enough to allow the dancer to progress to split sole ballet shoes



Has a two part suede sole with a break in between the ball of the foot and the heel

Provides more flexibility and allows the foot to arch without resistance

Gives a much nicer line which can help result in a more polished performance


Do your ballet shoes come with elastic?


Yes, all of our ballet shoes come with either the elastics pre-attached or provided separately so they can be sewn on.


Do your ballet shoes come with ribbon?


No, however ribbon can be purchased separately here.