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The Greatest Dancer Episode 2

Series 1; Episode 2

Dynamic Dads

Dynamic Dads someone said in the audience, “ The Full Monty”, implying they were going to bare their bodies and not their dancing expertise. This group of middle aged man, when I say middle aged, what I mean is if they lived until 110. They had no dancing background, working as a lorry driver, finance broker, machinist and a karate teacher. The latter looked as if he’d just eaten Bruce Lee between two loaves of bread. Being Dynamic Dads means you have to be a dad to be part of the group, they have probably like most parents taken children to and throw from dancing schools, sitting in the car waiting until it’s time to go home after dancing lessons, shows and festivals, that could have been me. They received the 75% required, RESPECT.


Mindtrick, took his inspiration from a fly, but they audience didn’t share he’s 360 degree vision and swatted him with their imaginary rolled up newspaper.

JSD Minis

JSD Minis proved to be a big hit with the viewing public and show what great fun it can be being part of a group, having fun and forming friendship’s for life. Well done girls.

Chris Fonseca

Chris Fonseca lost he’s hearing as a result of contracting meningitis as a child, you would of thought this would have proved an impossible barrier to overcome , but no, through vibration Chris can imagine this as music and dance. What an amazing and inspirational guy.


Participants: Dynamic Dads (Street) Fionn (Contemporary) Mindtrick (street) Company Jinks (Commercial) Afro Queens (Afro Dance) JSD Minis (Modern Jazz) Mark Short (Commercial Jazz) Chris Fonseca (Street) The Globe Girls (Commercial)


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