Everything you need to know about Dance Sneakers

What are dance sneakers?

Dance sneakers are a type of footwear designed for dancing. They are specially designed to support the feet, but still allow for bending, spinning, and movement. Dance sneakers should only be worn for dancing; they are not intended for general use, because they often do not provide enough arch support for daily walking.

What types of dance sneakers are available?

There are different dance sneakers available for different types of dance, such as street and hip-hop.

Often, dance sneakers are designed with a split sole. This means that there is sole support in the front, underneath the toes and ball of the foot, and the back, underneath the heel of the foot. There is no sole in the middle of the foot under the arch, however.

This split sole design allows the foot to bend much more freely when dancing. Some feature straps along the side to give the arch a small bit of support. Other types of dance sneakers have a very thin, extremely flexible sole over the entire sneaker.

Some dance sneakers feature additional benefits, such as smooth spots on the soles to make spinning sneak2easier, or notches in the heel to make it easier for a partner to lift another dancer. Sneakers are typically lace-up; slip-on shoes are not common. The sneakers are typically made of leather, canvas, or suede; leather and suede shoes tend to be more expensive than others. Again, the style, type, and features of the shoe vary depending on the type of dance for which it is intended.

What features should I look for in a pair of dance sneakers?

Dance sneakers are designed with keeping the dancer’s demands such as the flexibility and comfort during the movements. They employ innovations such as;

  • Dynamic Resistance Technology [DRT]; this makes use of lightweight materials like sleek leather along with mesh upper. This gives good breath ability to the feet with comfort
  • sneak3
  • Smooth spin circles for the quick effortless turns and the finger notch in the heels provide the confident partner lifts
  • Variable lacing system and this gives a foot hugging fit to the dancer
  • Grooves on the forefeet increase the flexibility in the movements
  • The insole can be removed during the required time and cleaned; they are made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate [EVA] to provide the supplemented support to the feet
  • The mid sole is always made up of Poly Urethane [P.U] and this gives the perfect cushioning to the feet. This allows the dancer to be more convenient during action.
  • The split sole design gives the best arc support and enables excellent orthotic inserts
  • Light weight non-marking outsole gives the mandatory shock absorption to the dancer and they also add to the agility of the person.

What types of dance are dance sneakers used for?

Dance sneakers are used for many styles but are particularly popular for:


  • Break dancing
  • Hip hop
  • Street dance

Where can I purchase dance sneakers?

There is a wide range of dance sneakers available on the market from many major dance brands such as Capezio, Bloch, Roch Valley and Dance Gear.

If you’re buying your first pair or if you’re not sure what size to choose, it’s a good idea to get them fitted at a local dance shop. However, if you’re confident that you know what size and style you want to purchase then you’ll find much more competitively priced dance shoes online. These sneakers are generally not found in general shoe stores.

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