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About Summer Dance Schools

What are Summer Dance Schools? shutterstock_193667849

Summer Dance School programmes can run from as little as a week to the whole of the school holidays, with most being residential. They are an excellent way for children to learn and explore all types of dance. Many, dancers find them a refreshing experience, with a new approach to learning from exciting new teachers and choreographers and often progress quickly as a result.

Most summer dance programmes will offer a wide range of dance genres including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop. Emphasis is generally placed on overall dance technique and working to advance the dancer's artistic skills. Some summer schools, however, are rather more specific in their genre, such as high-end ballet classes. These aim to polish a dancer's skills, perhaps in preparation for entry to a dance academy. Summer schools like this, usually take the format of daily classes in techniques, such as classical ballet and repertoire work, focusing on enhancing students' overall technique and aim to fulfill their desire to improve and advance in their chosen genre.

What do I look for when choosing a Summer Dance School?


Choose a summer dance school which offers a programme which best fits your child's wishes and needs, but which will stretch them at the same time. This of course will depend on the age of your child and what type of dance they want to focus on.

A younger child could benefit from a programme which offers a range of classes, and different styles of dance; whereas an older student may prefer to choose a more intensive programme, which will challenge them and help to strengthen their abilities.

Another consideration is whether you and/or your child is happy to stay away from home. Residential schools tend to be more intensive and therefore require a greater level of commitment and dedication. These tend to be more suited to older children.


Why do Summer Dance Schools take place?

Dance teachers incorporate summer dance programs into their studios for various reasons. Most of which allows them to;

  • Focus on the individual needs of a child
  • Incorporate many of the important aspects in training, such as strength, and
  • Increase the child's knowledge of dance.
  • And of course to meet the needs of thousands of school children, who would otherwise stop dancing during the long summer holidays.

In addition to the benefits that dancers may gain, summer schools also allow colleges and dance academies to get a glimpse of the potential talent they may have auditioning, and to get an idea of a dancers' potential suitability for their courses.

What are the benefits of attending a Summer Dance School?


Apart from the obvious benefit, that dancers usually learn valuable techniques in a short but intense period; other benefits may include:

  • A chance to meet other like-minded and motivated dancers
  • A welcome break from their regular dance school
  • Allows dancers to connect a little more with their individuality, away from the regulation of their school dance classes
  • Mixed abilities of students take part
  • And best of all, a chance to have lots of fun!

What do you need to take to a Summer Dance School?

Most summer dance programmes finish with a dance display or competition, so an eye-catching leotard or tutu is a must. Apart from your usual dance wear, accessories are always good to have along with a fashionable but practical dance bag. Dance Gear Direct have a fantastic selection of Dance Gear's made-to-order dancewear, along with a variety of dance bags and branded items from Bloch, Capezio and Roch Valley.

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and get ready for your dancing holiday!


How do I find a suitable Summer Dance School?

Many Summer Dance Schools advertise online, or your regular dance school maybe holding a summer programme or can recommend one. You may find also this link of use in locating a suitable dance school programme this summer;

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