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The Greatest Dancer Episode 4

James’s is a member of AWA ‘Autism With Attitude’. Kim, James mom said James has high functioning autism and was a solitary person growing up, but dancing has opened his eyes to a lot in the outside world. Through dance James is able to express different feelings such as, passion, excitement and happiness, these were emotions previously you never saw from him, all of the members from AWA are on the autistic spectrum. Jonathan Baron spotted the possibility of using dance as a way of allowing people with this condition to be able to express these emotions thus the formation of AWA.
More and more doctors are now prescribing exercise, social and other activities instead of medication.
Not only was the back story inspiring getting people to wake up to the benefits of exercise and group interaction, but also the performance delivery was also brilliant.
James and Oliver clearly have talent and if this show was as it’s name suggests on the tin then these two would be in the running, but hopefully people can see that this is much more than just roar talent.
James and Oliver
Dadson Thing with their funny Street dance routine didn’t hit the spot with the audience. Dance is an art form that can be expressed in all sorts of ways, humour being another one of those areas in which it can be used, sadly not for Dadson Thing on this occasion.
Dadson Thing
Kieran Lai Permed hair, hat wearing body popping street dancer who was looking for praise from his father, why you should need to go to these lengths in order to achieve this a mystery, but as a consequence of his performance it achieved a positive result with both the audience and his father alike.
Kieran Lai
Fever, with jobs as diverse as Paramedic, Hairdresser, Pharmacist and a Scientist amongst others gave a very polished routine and achieved the 75% with ease.
Fiona, Rhiannon mom said that Rhiannon went to her first dance class when she was only two and loved it from the very start. She is a shy person with no confidence at all, but when the music starts she becomes a totally different person. If you can dance in front of an audience like Rhiannon did shows what a strong person there is under that shy exterior.
Prospects Fraternity ages ranged from 10 to 17 years, preformed a strong choreographed routine with attitude.
Prospects Fraternity
75% AWA (Street), 75% James & Oliver (Contemporary) 64% Dadson Thing (Street) 34% Dans Chinese Dance (Traditional Chinese) 75% Kieran Lai (Street) 75% Fever (Latin Formation) 75% Rhiannon (Freestyle Disco) 75% Prospects Fraternity (Street)
The dance captain’s now have the job of witling the acts that had the mirror opened for them down to the final nine.
Team captains final three were:-
Cheryl: Frobacks, Harry & Eleiyah, Dane Bates collective.
Matthew Morrison: Company Jinks, James and Oliver, Prospects Fraternity
Otlile Mabuse: Ellie, KLA, The Globe Girls.
This Saturday will see the team captains go head to head in the live show.
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