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  • How to Survive your Child’s Christmas Dance Show

    Two Dancers
    So the rehearsals are under way and as ever, Christmas goes from seeming like weeks away to – help – it’s only 6 weeks away!!
    And as well as all the food and present shopping and getting ready for the family descending, your little one has got a Christmas Dance show to get ready for!
    At Dance Gear we’ve helped literally thousands of Mums (and Dads) get their child’s dance costume made to order in their size and colours and style on time. As dancers and parents of dancers ourselves, we know a little about getting ready for that all important event!
    We know that your child – whether a beginner, or a more experienced dancer - will be nervous and of course you and they want to everything to go well.
    So as the old saying goes: “Prepare to plan; OR Plan to fail!”
    Don’t miss rehearsals
    Dancers Rehearsing
    It goes without saying that the more practice your child gets, the more likely they will be to perform well. Building confidence is one of the best ways to overcome nerves on the night – for your child and you!!
    And if you are there for some of the rehearsals too, to hear what the teacher is saying and see what the show will be like, you’ll be more able to get your child completely ready.
    Get their costume and accessories ready early
    The dance teachers will decide the style, colour etc. for the costumes – hopefully in plenty of time - so you can order it and make sure it fits properly and add the sparkly bits or other finishing touches.
    On the day though, the costumes will probably be hung up in the changing room and as many of them will be the same - but different sizes maybe – labels on everything is good idea.
    Be prepared for problems
    Ok so you’ve made a list of the costume and accessories and shoes and things you need to take - clever you!!
    But what happens if she ladders her tights?
    Or falls over and grazes a knee, or …
    So maybe having one or two other bits in your kit bag would be a good idea, like:
    Clear nail polish to stop a run in those tights and a spare pair of tights
    Invisible plasters;
    Water, snacks, safety pins, hair spray, spare hairband, ribbon, small sewing kit, sequins, etc.
    Don’t Rush
    Get there early so that neither of you are fretting about that. And keep as calm as you can; children pick up on your moods and feelings.
    But prepared to wait around beforehand as everyone gets ready.
    Last but not least – Enjoy it! And Good luck
    Dance Gear has over 40 years’ experience of selling dancewear and we’re happy to help with advice and guidance at any time.
    Dance Gear – Run by dancers for Dancers;
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    Xmas Banner


    So you’ve done all the hard work and rehearsed and rehearsed until your feet ache and your head is spinning.


    Now comes the fun bit – finding a dance costume for your show!


    Your Dance teacher has probably got some ideas, but before you and your teacher make your minds up, why not explore the Dance Gear Dancewear range.


    With over 80 colours and patterns in 5 different fabrics and with lots of the garment designs where you can choose to have your costume made in any TWO of the huge range available, you’re bound to find something truly unique.


    The Fabrics:


    So there’s Nylon Lycra with 4-way stretch;


    Nylon Lycra Red


    Cotton Lycra for that little bit of extra warmth and comfort but still with plenty of stretch;


    Nylon Lycra Vert Green


    Shiny Metallic for that stand out colour which catches the light;


    Metallic Silver Fabric


    Printed with anything from animal prints, to strong vibrant autumn or winter patterns; or stripes and diamond patterns or musical patterns and many more to make a bold statement and help to create a theme for your show;


    Printed Safari Fabric


    And velour for that crushed velvet look and extra warmth;


    Velour purple Fabric


    The Dancewear:


    So whether you want a leotard or a catsuit, or crop tops and leggings or skirts or tutus, all of them can be made in 10 sizes and any of the colours or patterns and many can be made in combinations from the range of colours/patterns. There are literally THOUSANDS OF CHOICES.
    Imagine a tutu with the body in one fabric and then the layers of nets in alternating different colours:


    DGTUTU Nylon Lycra Red with Red and White Net


    And don’t worry Mum, Made to Order doesn’t mean they’re expensive. Prices start from as little as around £10 and we usually despatch them the day after you order them.


    So why not have a look and if you have any questions just gives us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

  • Help Protect Our World

    Dance Gear Direct has always taken sustainability seriously, with all of its dancewear made under the Dance Gear brand, being made in its own factory here in the UK. We feel that people involved in dancing have always been mindful of their responsibilities in protecting the planet, but the BBC Blue Planet series II this year has exposed the dangers we all face if we fail to protect the world we live in.

    Earth Dancer

    We are all individuals and Dance Gear Direct has helped thousands of dancers express their own individuality with the unique fabrics and style combinations they can provide, such as (April Unitard in Fluo yellow and Printed Kaleidoscope) (Harmony Leotard in Printed Superstar and Black Lycra) (Megan short sleeve leotard in Printed Musical Notes and Musical Beats) But when it comes to protecting the plant, we all must act as one.

    Help protect our world

    The world's a stage. Dance Gear can help you dance your part.



    Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot!

    Houses of Parliament

    Over 400 hundred years ago on the night of November 4th 1605, Guy Fawkes was caught under the Houses of Parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder.

    He was one of a number or people who tried to kill the King because of persecution of Catholics.

    Ever since then we have celebrated the failure of the Gunpowder Plot

    Dancer Fireworks


    Michelle in LightningLeila in GalaxyTammy in SuperstarGeorgina in Black


    When the fire is going out and the people have left you never know who might gather round!!

    Fire Ballerina

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