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  • How Halloween Dance Costumes Began

    How Halloween Dance Costumes Began

    History of Halloween

    Long, long ago when dark forests covered much of the land (and way, way before electricity or phones!) a troupe of wandering minstrels and dancers were on their way through the forest to perform for the Lord of the Manor for Halloween.

    It was the night of October the 31st, cold and dark and thunder rumbled in the distance. The ancients believed this was the time when the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead was blurred and that ghosts of the dead returned to the earth and other scary creatures roamed the earth. There were wolves and bears and wild boars abroad too. It was Halloween!

    NICO Haloween copy

    On this night the Druids built huge bonfires to burn crops and wore costumes of animal heads and skins.Centuries later as Christianity spread the Celtic Druid celebration ( SamHain) was replaced by All Saints Eve or All Hallows (eventually becoming Halloween).

    All Souls Day was celebrated similarly to Samhain, with big bonfires, parades, and dressing up in costumes as saints, angels and devils

     Halloween Costumes

    The minstrels and dancers dance costumes were inspired by the ideas of Halloween and were bright and scary to entertain the Lord and his guests

    As the thunder grew louder lightening flashed (lightning dance catsuit);


    The fiery glow from the bonfires cast shadows all around (metallic red Capri pants and  dance crop top);


    while dark witches tried to hide by turning into black cats – black net skirt and black tights and leotard;


    others saw a bear with sharp claws lurking in the trees ( claw costume with  leggettes/ crop top/ shorts.

    Halloween 2

    Still others went for more exotic wild animals like leopards and tigers

    Leopard/safari/ tiger costumes)

    The minstrels preferred Harlequin costumes (black and white and fluo harlequin costume

    Nicola-Combo-Child-Printed Harlequin and Nylon WhiteZoe-Printed-Adult-Fluo Harlequin

    Create you Halloween Costume

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